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low cost: small compressor and evaporator system. The compressor use R134a to provide cool or hot air. As the tent space is very small, even such small power compressor can cool the temperature down within 10 minutes.
energy-saving. The power is only 100W ~ 120W for one bed. Traditional bed room air conditioner costs 10 times more electricity.
low noise: the tent keeps a quiet environment
low price: the price is only1/3 than traditional air conditioner. It is as cheap as a fan.
light weight , conveninet to carry and use: no need complicated installation. No need seal the window and door. Just set up the tent and plug in socket.
portable: after packed, the gross weight is only 13kg. You can take it away easily to anywhere.
Mosquitos Net Pop Up type.

Input power: 120W

Cooling capacity: 1000 BTU

Power supply: 24 VDC

Application: mosquito net, tent cooling, dehumidification, personal office

Dimension ( D*W*H ): 45.2 * 29.0 * 21mm

Net weight: 13kg

Refrigerant: R134a

Material: full metal sheet

Application room: 2*2*2m

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